Best Product Launching – Launching the Product the Most Effective Method

If there is one grand chance of a lifetime in every product creator or a product launcher’s life, it is the time when the fruit of his labor – his product – is going to be formally announced to the market and be launched at such a massive and grand launching event. It is usually a nerve wrecking and head banging event for any product launcher as this is the culmination of all the culminations in is career. This is the reason why product launching should never be treated with mediocrity and a so-so attitude. You need to make sure that the product launching gets to have all of your attention in trying to ensure that it becomes a great success. Below are some of the effective methods on how you can launch a product:

a. Make a careful planning on the date, the time, and the place of the grand product launch. These elements are some of the most neglected at times without knowing the repercussions that it can bring to the product launch should they be mismanaged. The date should be planned ahead of time and should consider any coinciding big national events that may cripple your own product launching event. The time of the product launch is also essential as there is a time in a day that is considered a dead hour for all. You would not want to, of course, be leading a product launch that is set on a dead hour. The place should never be also neglected as this is the location where visitors will be spending the activity with you.

b. Create noise to spell necessity on the product. In advertising world, this is what they call as the “create a noise to catch more voice” in the market. When an activity is something that is rarely spoken about, no one would even try to engage in opening it in public conversation. However, when an event is something that is hugely being talked about, a lot of people will get interested to talk about it and thus shall create more voice in the market.

Why You Should Launch Your Own Web Directory

One of the easiest types of web sites to launch is a link directory. Just download one of the free or inexpensive PHP software packages, install, configure, add some categories, add some links and you’re off! Having your own directory isn’t a bad idea, despite what some pundits might think, for a number of reasons which I’ll outline.Directories attract motivated users, who are eager to promote their own web sites. Just today, there were almost 82,000 new domains registered in just six of the top level domains (.com,.net,etc.) Of these, a large number will surely wind-up being used for web sites. Add to that the thousands of new hosted blogs and web pages, and you have many thousands of new web sites being born each day, and therefore thousands of webmasters looking to generate backlinks to get their sites on the Internet map. All of them will surely submit their links to the big league search engines and directories, but a fair percentage will also seek to add them to as many not so popular directories as possible. A portion of this traffic could be directed at your new directory without much effort on your part. I don’t know of any other type of web site that doesn’t contain nudity and that can attract traffic so quickly!Now that you know that your directory can be a traffic magnet, you can use it to increase backlinks and visits to your other sites. One of the ways you can do this is by requiring or suggesting a “three way” reciprocal link to another of your web sites. Requiring it will lose you some people, but on the other hand some will comply, whereas if you make it optional, the vast majority will decline. If you prefer, you can require a backlink to the directory itself, but one way links are usually preferable not just for you, but also for the one submitting. You can also give your other sites a boost by adding links to them in the directory. Since you’re the boss, you can give them a more prominent placement by making them featured links. You can also add “deep links” to them, that is URLs other than to the main page. Deep links are said to be rated higher as backlinks by major search engines.Set your directory to accept only opt-in submissions. That is, submitters must include a valid email address and then receive a message with a confirmation link they must follow. By requiring an email, you build a mailing list which you can legitimately send messages to, being careful not to abuse this privilege. Such messages can have links to your other sites, or the directory itself, effectively recycling the submitters rather than letting them disappear forever. One way to keep in touch is to have an e-newsletter which provides directory or seo updates. If it includes interesting and useful content, adding advertising shouldn’t result in protests.Building email lists comes with a warning label: a fair number of emails you’ll get will be throwaway addresses that the submitter uses only for this sort of thing. In other words, the user won’t be reading your newsletters. You can safely presume any address containing the word “spam” is bogus, but beyond that it’s virtually impossible to filter bogus emails just by using your eyes. Although it would be possible to compile a list of such domains and reject any address whose hostname part matches, your directory software won’t have support for such filtering.Of course, you have to be careful to not turn your directory into a link spam generator. Start by making it a niche or language-specific directory, specializing in certain kinds of sites. The temptation is to accept all links submitted by making it a general directory in an effort to maximize the number of visits, quickly turning it into a site of dubious merit. Nonetheless, you can have it both ways: create a separate category tree for unrelated sites. Whatever you do, don’t make a clone of Dmoz, or even a portion of it. Create your own original directory structure and populate the categories with your own carefully picked links. Human edited directories are genuine, whereas clones will tend to be sneered at.You’ll need extreme patience managing your own directory, since you’re guaranteed to receive buckets of “spammy” links. You recognize spam when you see a bunch of submissions with the same IP address, or that deal with the same or similar topic, or with the same description. The proper course of action is to mark these links as spam, a function which your directory software should support. You’ll also waste a lot of time changing the category selected by the submitter, which almost always is wrong. It’s unlikely the big name sites will submit their link to your lowly directory, thus in the interest of maintaining a high quality database, you should first populate it yourself with as many relevant, quality links as you can.I don’t want to mislead you: any web site needs to be promoted to succeed, and directories aren’t any different. You’ll have to go through the motions and submit your directory’s link to a big bunch of other directories to get things started, and use every other means available to get exposure. Listing your site in “directories of directories” such as Directorycritic, is particularly important, as that’s where a lot of new site owners will be looking for places to submit their link. You could also suggest your directory to a multitude of site submission services and programs, but only do this if you have some use for the email addresses this will generate, since the people who submit to your directory via such services actually won’t visit your site at all (a robot will submit their data for them.) Most submission services stick to the big name search engines and directories, but there are some who submit to several hundred lesser known directories using a specific software, particularly Phplinkdirectory.Which directory software package should you get? Well, the choices are quite limited if you’re looking for something that’s relatively easy to install and configure, as well as having a lot of features. Almost everybody uses either Phplinkdirectory, eSyndicat, or Indexu, all of which are php-mysql based. eSyndicat sells for 75 USD for a one site license, Phplinkdirectory will set you back 80 dollars per site, while Indexu charges the most at 99 USD per site. However, Phplinkdirectory offers a cheaper version, at 30 dollars per site, but that means you’ll have to display a link back to their site. They also offer a much older version completely free.Indexu is the only one that’s lets you download and test their full version for free, although the other two do have online demos you can preview. All three products have a variety of free plugins to extend your directory’s functionality, as well as templates. It’s very difficult to say which of these packages you should pick, though I would put Phplinkdirectory in the third spot owing to my personal experience with the product and the company, which I’ll be writing about in an upcoming article. For more webmaster tips, visit

Top 10 Strategies to Rocket Launch Your Business – Increase Your Confidence and Your Results

Are you looking for strategies to increase your effectiveness in your business? Would it be helpful if you knew how to keep a full calendar? Do you need assistance staying focused and positive in your day to day activities? Then these strategies are for YOU! The best way to implement these strategies is to pick 1 or 2 that really resonate with you. Focus on mastering those, and then move on to the others.

1. Take Action

The number one reason people do not take action is because of the fear of the unknown. Unknowns in any business could be prospecting and calling potential clients or business partners.

The way to eliminate fear is by taking action. As you pick up the phone and talk with your prospect; the fear will go away. Why? Because the result is no longer unknown. If you want to achieve in business you must take massive action. You must pick up the phone and talk with prospects. This will build your confidence as you grow your business.

Anytime you start doing something new or something you have not done for awhile, there could be fear. That is normal. Remember the person you are talking to is human, just like you.

In the Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, PhD, the author states “a two-step procedure to cure fear and win confidence.

1. The first step is Isolate your fear. Pin it down. Determine exactly what you are afraid of.

2. Second, Then take action. There is some kind of action for any kind of fear.” The opposite of taking action is inaction and that only inflates your fear. Don’t let fear control your destiny. Take action and get positive results.

Tip for getting into activity – Think about the Law of Inertia, an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays in rest.

Newton’s first law of motion is often stated as:
An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an outside force.

Let’s think about that for a minute. Picture a phone on your desk. Gravity is pulling the phone down and the force of the desk is pushing the phone upward, hence, the phone does not move. You take your hand; pick up the phone and now YOU ARE IN ACTION! You dial the phone, make your first call and then you are on a roll! Each successive call becomes easier and easier because you are in action!

2. Write down a list of 100 people that you know.

One of the keys to overcome fear of prospecting and expanding your business is having enough leads to contact. The best place to start is your centers of influence. Think of everyone that you do business with. Look in your checkbook to see whom you write checks to. Take out the Yellow Pages and think of whom you know that is involved in a particular occupation and go from A to Z. If you don’t know the phone number, just write down the name. You can come back and fill in the phone number later. Go through your PDA, address book, or holiday card list. You will be amazed at all of the different people that you know.

From this list it will grow, because you can ask for referrals and you will see your list grow 100 times. There is a quick, easy process to determine who you want to work with and how to build long term relationships for referrals.

1. From the list of 100 people, write down the top 10 people that you would have the most influence with. This list will be called your Center of Influence list. Start with this list asking whom they might know would be open to your product and service.

2. Develop relationships that are mutually beneficial to you and your Center of Influence. As you contact your centers of influence, let them know as you come across someone who needs their product or service you will pass on their name and contact information.

3. Learn who would benefit from their product or service by asking the following question “How do I know if I am talking with a good prospect for your business?”

4. Build trust by mailing articles and information that you think would be interesting or helpful to those you are networked with. The next time they need your “widget”, they will think of you!

3. Schedule a specific time in your day to make calls.

Managing your time is a skill that successful people have mastered. Schedule a specific time in your day to make calls. Scheduling time to make calls allows you be focused in a concentrated time. Start by making one call, you will soon get into a rhythm and find great success. If you don’t schedule time to make calls it will not get accomplished. Remember, making calls and scheduling appointments with qualified prospects will increase your income.

Tip: If you are calling a CEO’s office, call at 7:29 a.m. or 5:01 p.m. because the gatekeeper is usually not available at those times and you are able to get right to the person you are calling.

4. Clear your desk of everything except your calendar and the list of names you are going to call.

You have scheduled time to make calls, be sure you make the most of that time. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Be focused on your phone calling. If you have other folders or projects on your desk, you might be tempted to look at these folders and start working on issues associated with them. Even if only takes a few minutes it will take your focus off the activity of making calls.

5. Write and Read Affirmations about being a strong prospector and communicator.

Affirmations will assist you in getting greater results in your business. Since all Results begin with our thoughts, the greatest way to impact those thoughts is in writing and using affirmations in our lives.

The steps in writing an affirmation are as follows:

A positive statement. This should include what you want, NOT want you don’t want. The mind cannot focus on the reverse of an idea. Let me prove this to you. I want you to think of a red race car. Imagine the red race car zipping by you on the highway; see the red car on your television. Now, I want you to stop thinking of a red race care. Stop.

I bet you are thinking about the red race car. In fact, you can not stop thinking of a red race car. Say only what you want.
*Use first person statements, such as, I have or I have achieved or I am.
*Tie it to your goal. For example. I have 10 appointments scheduled every week, my calendar is booked and I love it.
*State it in the present. You don’t want to use past or future language. For example, “Someday I will be a master prospector.” Use words that state the affirmation in the Present.
For example, I am a master prospector, I love to schedule appointments.
*Focus on the power of what you say to your self.

6. Set up a Rewards Program by creating your own Rewards Sheet.

Take out a piece of paper and make four columns on the page. In the first column, write down a list of activities that you enjoy. For example: Watching a movie, working out, taking a walk, playing golf or tennis, enjoying a Latté’, going to dinner.

In the second column, next to your list of activities, put a number from 1 to 10 describing the importance of enjoyment. The third column would tell how long it might take to enjoy the activity. The final column would reflect the level of activity you would like to complete before engaging in that activity.

For example: You would not go golfing after you scheduled one appointment. You might reward yourself a round of golf after you scheduled your month of 10 or more appointments per week.
If you have a challenge picking up the phone to make calls, you might reward yourself a sip of a Latte after you schedule an appointment or every time you make a call. You adjust the reward based on level of behavior you want to change.

7. Highlight 10 different times on your calendar that you can schedule an appointment. You do this for two reasons

1. You are creating the opportunity to schedule appointments, to be in business, if you will.
2. By creating these time slots, you are setting a measurable, achievable goal.

Example: You are available to hold appointments Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Your mind will focus on what you want to accomplish. You will have a sense of focus in filling up your calendar with quality prospects. Now when you visit with someone about your business, you know exactly when you are available and you can focus on getting the appointment. Remember this is only a guideline. If you are available at 2:30 pm, schedule the appointment. Don’t tell your prospects that you have a wide open calendar; you will keep your posture by focusing on the time slots you have set aside. Start using this scheduling tip today —you will be amazed at how simple and powerful this technique is!

8. When calling, state the purpose of the call and focus on scheduling the appointment.

The goal is to book the appointment, not to sell your product or service. Keep it short. You want to get on and off the phone.

Format for calling a prospect/acquaintance about your business.
1. Compliment and connect
2. Statement of interest
3. Ask for the appointment
4. Eliminate anxiety associated with the appointment.
5. Confirm the date/time

Sample script: Hi, this is Bob Smith; I had the pleasure of meeting you last week at the ball game. It was so fun to connect. I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I work with busy professionals just like you, who want to break free from the ball and chain feeling their business has on them, so they can spend their time the way they want to. Would you be open to learn more and see if we can work together?
You – What does your calendar look like on Monday at 10 or Wednesday at 3?
Bob…Wednesday at 3pm.
You…Great Bob, I look forward to visiting with you on Wednesday. And Bob, I want you to know in advance that if it doesn’t work out for us to work together, that is okay, at least you will have the big picture, in case you are ever interested, you will know what I do. See you on Wednesday.

9. Belief – In The Magic of Thinking Big, By David J Schwartz, PhD

Dr. Schwartz states, “Belief, strong belief, triggers the mind to figuring ways and means and how-to. And believing you can succeed makes others place confidence in you”
(HINT: read this book it will change your life)

You must believe in your product and service and your ability to service your clients. If you have the belief that you only have time to meet with ten clients each week, and think to yourself “Who is going to be lucky enough to meet with me this week?” You will attract more prospects than you are able to meet with in a week. Remember the areas that beliefs come from are affirmations. When you are prospecting, have the belief that you are going to meet more friends today. Ask yourself this question – What is your belief about yourself and your product and service? That belief will come across to your potential clients.

10. Be positive and enthusiastic!

Have Fun—– Life is too short, have fun in whatever you are doing. Don’t just be positive—- be positive with a purpose.

Webster defines enthusiastic “as having or showing great excitement and interest;” When you are talking with a prospect, be interested, not interesting. In other words, learn about that person, enjoy getting to know him, and then you will have the privilege of sharing your business with him at that time, or at a follow up appointment. That person might lead you to the next person who will become one of your clients.

As you implement these strategies, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and success. Many business owners, like you have rocket launched their businesses by implementing these tips.